100 ‘most dangerous’ passwords to use in 2018

100 ‘most dangerous’ passwords to use in 2018

In another big hacking attack recently, Adidas warned millions of its customers of a potential data breach. The athletic-wear company said that an “unauthorized party” claims to have acquired customer data from its US website. The Adidas hacking attack is another grim reminder of the dangerous times we live in. As more people go online, cyber experts say that it is critical to have a security mechanism in place.

While tools like anti-virus, intrusion detection system and others help; it is also important to be aware of the importance of strong passwords. As what many people forget is that strong passwords are basic to our security.

Most people out of lethargy or plain ignorance go for simple passwords which are a hackers delight. To make matters worst, they use the same password in their multiple accounts. SplashData, makers of the SplashID password manager, released a list of 100 passwords that they termed ‘worst passwords of the year’. The company scours through millions of passwords that leaked into public domain and are available with hackers.

The list is a huge help to check if your password too has been leaked online. And, in case you see a password on this list that you are still using — go and change it immediately before it’s too late.

As SplashData said in its report that use of any of the passwords on this list would put users at grave risk for identity theft. Here are 100 ‘worst passwords’ from the 2017 list…..Read More>>>

Source:- gadgetsnow